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Control the EV charger via OCPP, get higher self-use rate in solar pv system

Why do we want to control the EV charger from IAMMETER

The reason is described here

The profit for one kWh exported to the grid may be only 1/4 or 1/5 of the electricity pricing in energy consumption, or even less.

IAMMETER has always sought a solution to help customers utilize solar excess output more efficiently.

EV charger is one of the best actuators in this solution because the charging power can be controlled nearly linearly. Based on the reading of the meter on the grid side, you can get the solar excess output, then you can control the charging power , as nearly to the solar excess power as possible.

System structure



Quickstart: connect the EV charger to IAMMETER


EV-charger integration in IAMMETER is around the corner.

List the charging history and the solar percentage

Support smart ev chargers, and use the excess solar PV output more efficiently

Set the automation strategy ,charge the EV by the solar surplus