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beginning tutorial for the IAMMETER`s simulator

Premise: why we develop a simulator

Provide a free method to try the features of IAMMETER`s product

If you are not sure whether IAMMETER`s products are fit for you, please try the simulator first.

The simulator will help you to evaluate IAMMETER`s product before you pay the money to purchase the product.

It provides nearly all of the features of WEM3080T:3phase energy meter. You can easily integrate it into Home Assistant, NodeRed, Openhab, etc....

When you complete the test and want to install the real energy meter instead, the only work is to replace the IP of the simulator with the real energy meter after the installation.

Use real energy meter

Normally, this below is the sketch map of your system that built with IAMMETER`s product.

Use one phase of the WEM3080T to measure the grid exchange while another phase to measure the solar PV output (Assume both grid and solar are single phase, if they are both 3phase, it would need two WEM3080T)

You can easily integrate IAMMETER`s energy meter into a lot of open-source systems,such as home assistant,NodeRed,openhab etc..


All of the integrations is easy, the only premise is to have an energy meter in hand.

Use IAMMETER`s simulator

If you have not purchased any hardware, you can also try the integration by the IAMMETER`s simulator.


The simulator will provide the simulated data of these below.

  • configure the data of PV output(the PV data can be simulated or read from a real energy meter)

  • simulated different loads

  • simulated EV charger(via OCPP)

  • simulated grid exchange(the grid data will be on the premise of the solar and load)

    All of the above data will be returned in the same API as WEM3080T, so the simulator will be integrated into each platform by the same method as the WEM3080T. When you want to replace the simulator with the real energy meter, the only work is to change the IP setting from the simulator to the real energy meter.

Install and run the simulator

This simulator can be run directly from the source code or pull a docker image and run it on a different platform.

For more details ,please refer to How to install the IAMMETER`s simulator

Run the IAMMETER`s simulator

Configure the the simulator

Configure the data of the solar pv

The solar PV output in the simulator can be simulated from software or come from a real energy meter.

configure the data of the solar pv in the simulator

Simulate the EV charger(OCPP)

Simulated the EV charger in the simulator

Simulate other loads

Simulate loads in the simulator

Add a simulated 3 phase energy meter into Home assistant or IAMMETER-cloud

Control the Current of the EV charger(OCPP, simulated) from Home assistant

Add the simulated WEM3080T into the Home assistant

Add a simulated 3 phase energy meter into IAMMETER-cloud