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1. Tell me about the WiFi energy meter

The WiFi energy meter can measure and record energy parameters such as Voltage, Current, Active power and Energy, and report these values to our cloud in every minute. The meters are widely used in both residential electricity system and solar PV system monitoring.

2. How to see the demo of IAMMETER cloud and app?

To see the demo of the web portal of our energy monitoring cloud (Iammeter Portal), please visit Demo of Web Portal by your PC;

To see the demo of the mobile app, please visit Demo of Mobile App by your smart phone. It is webapp on mobile phone just for demo, if you want to download the app file, please search "IAMMETER" on Google Play or Apple Store.

3. How many models do you have for the meter?

We have both sinlge phase (WEM3080) and three phase (WEM3080T) meter. The CT options are as below: WEM3080: 150A, 250A; WEM3080T: 150A, 250A, 500A.

4. How to quickly install and setup the meter?

For quickstart document, please visit Quickstart

5. What is the specification of the meter

For specification and datasheet, please visit DataSheet.

6. How much is the meter and how to purchase?

You can visit our IAMMETER Store, or Aliexpress store or Amazon store The prices already include the permanent cloud service so you don't need to pay extra subscription fee.

If you have bulk purchase requirement, please contact us by sending email to Normally we can trade on Alibaba for bulk purchase to protect the transaction safety of buyer.

7 How will we ship your orders?

We ship to most of the European countries or regions from our Belgium warehouse. We recommend you to order from IAMMETER Store, or Aliexpress store;

We ship to USA from Amazon FBA warehouse in USA. We recommend you to order from Amazon store;

We ship to Australia and New Zealand from our Australia warehouse. We recommend you to order from IAMMETER Store, or Aliexpress store;

We ship to other countries or regions from China. We recommend you to order from IAMMETER Store, or Aliexpress store;

8. How to apply the meter in a solar PV system?

Please refer to Monitor your solar PV system by IAMMETER for details.

9. Can I use this meter in a place without internet?

Yes, you can monitor the data locally via WLAN, no internet needed. Please refer to Local Monitoring for details.

10. Can I integrate the meter to our own server?

Yes, the meter can transfer the data to your server by setting TCP or SSL parameters. In this way, you don't need to register on IAMMETER and the meter's data will not store on IAMMETER cloud. Please refer to Intergrated with Third Party Server for details.

11. What is the maximum CT ratings? How can I measure the current larger than that?

The maximum CT rating is 500A. If you want to measure the current larger than 500A, instead of using a large rating of CT with very large ratio, we recommend the more cost-effective solution with same measurement accuracy, double CT solution, which is also called Secondary Mutual Inductance. Please refer to Double CT Solution for details.

12. Can I monitor split phase by the meters?

Yes, our three phase meter (WEM3080T) can be used in split phase system, that you can clamp two CTs and leave the third CT not installed.