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How many products IAMMETER provided,what is the difference

Phase CT rating(A) Free cloud service phase voltage
WEM3080T 3 phase/split phase 150,250,500 YES 110 V~280 V AC
WEM3080 1 150 YES 80~265 V AC
WEM3046T 3 phase/split phase replaceable(xxx:5) YES 110 V~280 V AC
WEM3050T 3 phase/split phase 150,250,500 No 110 V~280 V AC

Please note, phase voltage is the voltage between L and N.

It is up to 480(280*1.732) V AC for the maximum Line voltage of the three-phase energy meter.

Whether this energy meter can only work together with IAMMETER-cloud

Of course not.

The IAMMETER cloud is just an option for these energy meters.

If you do not want to use IAMMETER-cloud, there are a lot of other options, such as the open platform (home assistant, NodeRed, Thingsboard etc...), or you can even integrate the energy meter into your own system,it is very simple.

Home assistant ,NodeRed, OpenHAB, Thingsboard

Home Assistant,



Use the WiFi energy meter in Thingsboard

Integrate IAMMETER`s product into third-party system

The energy meter can be integrated into third party system easily ,just need to do some simple development to adapt the interface(mqtt,modbus/tcp,tcp,tls,http) of this device.

When I use IAMMETER-cloud, do I need to pay the subscription

WEM3080T, WEM3080, and WEM3046T include the IAMMETER-cloud service by default(the service fee is already included in the price), you do not need to pay any extra fee after you purchase it.

WEM3050T does not include the cloud service by default(so its price is cheaper than WEM3080T). If you purchase WEM3050T and want to use IAMMETER-cloud, you need to pay an extra subscription.

Wiring diagram of the energy meter

Wiring Diagram of IAMMETER`s product

Net energy metering mode

NEM mode

The system of 110/220 V or 110/208V in North America

Monitor the system of 120/240V or 120/208V in North America

Reactive power and Kvarh measurement

Measure the reactive power and kvarh in 3phase energy meter

How can I monitor the current more than 500 amp

The maximum amp range for WEM3080T and WEM3046T is 500 amp. If you need to monitor greater current, please choose WEM3046T and a CT with 5A output. Like 3 phase 1500A Package is on line

How can I test the IAMMETER`s function before order the product

You can visit this url to log in to our system by the demo account and try out the system`s function regarding solar PV monitoring.

Or this url to try out the system function regarding the energy consumption management.

If you want to simulate a complete environment (different loads, solar PV output, and an EV charger with a specific battery capacity ), please try out our IAMMETER-simulator: How to test IAMMETER`s function before you make the order

Monitor the solar PV system

Monitor your solar PV system with a smart WiFi Energy monitor

Energy consumption management

EV charger: control the EV charger from OCPP ,charge the EV by the solar excess power

Control the EV charger from IAMMETER

EV charger quick start

Price and purchase channel

For retail order,please refer to Recommend purchasing channel for the IAMMETER`s products

For batch order ,please contact us by email .

Quick start && Data Sheet




EV charger in IAMMETER

Data sheet

Video tutorial