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simulate the solar output and loads ,evaluate the 3phase energy meter by a simulator

About IAMMETER-simulator

The IAMMETER-simulator is a free software developed by the IAMMETER team.

The IAMMETER-Simulator can be used to evaluate the IAMMETER`s product, try different strategies in load control, and ultimately evaluate the potential profit from the solar PV output.

The function of IAMMETER-simulator include:

  1. Support the same API as the real 3phase energy meter.
  2. Use phase A to reflect the solar PV output. The solar PV can be configured by the customer (simulated the data) or fetched from a real energy meter`s reading.
  3. Support different load profile, which is configured by the customer.
  4. Use phase B to reflect the grid, which is calculated from the solar output and load profiles.
  5. An OCPP client simulator, which can be used to simulate an EV charger with a specified battery capacity.


Test on IAMMETER-simulator

With the IAMMETER-simulator, such testing would be done.

Integration of home assistant

IAMMETER-Simulator returns the same JSON format as the real 3phase energy meter. It can be integrated into Home Assistant as a virtual IAMMETER`s product.

Phase A reflects the solar PV output(the solar PV curve is configured by the customers). Phase B reflects the grid (calculated by the solar PV and loads profile)

Configure the solar PV output

Configure load profiles

Integrate a virtual three phase energy meter into Home assistant

Control the Current of the EV charger(OCPP) from Home assistant

Control the EV charging power with regard to the solar PV output and grid power reading

Simulated an OCPP client

simulate an EV charger in IAMMETER-simulator

Control the Current of the EV charger(OCPP) from Home assistant

Connect EV charger to IAMMETER via OCPP