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I. Special Notices

1. In order to ensure the benefits and rights of Customer, Customer must carefully read the provisions herein before registering and using All our IoT platform and corresponding services ("Services"). Terms of service ("Terms") is a legal agreement ("Agreement") and will come into effect when Customer clicks "I Agree" or starts to use any service on our IoT system. Customer must be a personal with full criminal responsibility, e.g. Customer must not be minors. Customer shall have the legal rights to represent the company when he/she agrees the Terms on behalf of the company which he/she works for.
2. When whole or part of Terms is excluded in any state or region where Customer belongs to, Customer shall stop using the Site for monitoring immediately.

II. Obligations

(A) Obligations of DeviceBit (English Brand for Beijing Lewei IoT Technologies Co.,Ltd)
1. DeviceBit shall set service and consultation, and shall be responsible for solving any problems occurred during the use of our IoT system by Customer;
2. When services are unavailable to Customer due to malfunction of the monitoring platform, DeviceBit shall solve the problems actively and seriously.

(B) Obligations of Customer
1. Customer shall strictly comply with the management and service regulations of DeviceBit;
2. Customer shall provide authentic information to DeviceBit, including email address, serial number of your devices, data loggers, meters etc. Customer shall bear any liability due to inaccurate or unauthentic information;
3. Customer shall not transmit, copy, intercept, tamper with, or otherwise use the content of our IoT system, or produce any derivative products related to such content;
4. Customer shall properly keep the user ID and password used for the monitoring platform and shall bear any losses and liabilities due to improper keeping and use of user ID and password by Customer, any third party authorized by Customer, or any third party unauthorized by Customer. Customer shall inform DeviceBit immediately once any unauthorized third party is found of using Customer's account or the account is disclosed.

III. Ownership

1. Customer has the ownership of all data of own account. Customer shall permit DeviceBit to use such data for providing services to Customer. DeviceBit may, for the purpose of providing services to Customer, or as required by government or supervision organizations, disclose the data of Customer.
2. DeviceBit has all rights of the contents of remote monitoring system including, without limitation, texts, software, images, graphics, etc.; all contents of emails; and other information provided to Customer. All the aforesaid contents are protected by relevant laws including copyright, trademark, label and other property rights.
3. Limitation on permission: DeviceBit grants to Customer limited, revocable, non-exclusive, non-sub-licensable, and non-transferable right of use within valid period. Except as expressly permitted herein, Customer may not use DeviceBit in any means or for any purposes. Customer shall not:
1) Transmit, copy, intercept, tamper with, or otherwise use the content of DeviceBit, or produce any derivative products related to such content;
2) Resell or sub-license the Services;
3) Behave as infringement of the patent of DeviceBit or any other intellectual property rights.
4. DeviceBit has the ownership of any proposals provided by Customer, including confidential proposals. DeviceBit has the right to use such proposals without any limitation and restriction. Customer may not withdraw the proposals provided to DeviceBit.

IV. Service Regulations

1. Customer must ensure the authenticity of the information provided for registering the account of any one of our IoT system, and the information must be updated immediately when any change occurs. DeviceBit shall not bear any responsibility for any monitoring malfunction, abnormal data or error of analysis due to inaccurate information provided by Customer. Customer shall bear any resulting legal or economic disputes.
2. Customer shall not transfer or lend the account and password to any others. Where the account is found to be used by others illegally, Customer shall inform DeviceBit immediately. DeviceBit shall not bear any responsibility for the illegal use of account and password by any others due to hacker or neglects of Customer.
3. Customer shall comply the principles as follows for use of DeviceBit:
3.1 Comply with related laws and regulations;
3.2 Comply with any network protocol, provisions and procedures related to web services;
3.3 Shall not use any one of our IoT system for any illegal purposes;
3.4 Shall not, in any means, use any one of our IoT system to upload, post or spread any hurtful, abusive, or obscene information or any other illegal information. Customer shall solely take the full responsibility for the information uploaded;
3.5 Shall not infringe the patent rights, copyright rights, trademark rights, reputation rights or any other legal rights of any third party.
4. Customer shall ensure that any one of our IoT system will not be prosecuted by any third party due to the product or service of Customer;
5. Information gained from any one of our IoT system shall be used for reference and analysis by Customer, and shall not be used for arbitration or evidence in any litigation.

V. Privacy Policy

1. DeviceBit guarantees not to disclose to the public or provide to any third party with any information registered by a single customer or any confidential information saved in the system by Customer during use of DeviceBit, except situations as follows:
1.1 Expressly authorized by Customer in advance;
1.2 Required by related laws and regulations;
1.3 Required by related government and supervision departments;
1.4 As to protect the benefits of the public and society;
1.5 As to protect the legal rights and benefits of DeviceBit.
2. DeviceBit may cooperate with a third party to provide network services to Customer. Under such circumstances and where the third party agrees to take the same responsibility as DeviceBit for protecting privacy of Customer, DeviceBit shall have the right to provide the information of Customer to such third party.
3. Without revealing the confidential information of a single customer, DeviceBit shall have the right to analyze the entire user database and make commercial use of the user database.
4. During DeviceBit registration the system performance may be monitored by the manufacturers/distributors/installers with purpose of ensuring system operating correctly.
5. All personal information are optional to be filled in any one of our IoT system, belonging to the voluntary behavior of customers.

VI. Disclaimer of Liability

1. DeviceBit shall have limited liabilities for the accuracy and integrity of the information and data as provided. DeviceBit shall not take any responsibility for inaccurate information and data due to violation of regulations by Customer.
2. DeviceBit shall not bear any responsibility for network service interruption or any other defect due to Act of God or any other cause beyond its control. DeviceBit shall make efforts to minimize the losses and effects incurred to Customer.
3. Where information and data fails to display in time and accurately due to the quality problem of product provided by DeviceBit or malfunction of DeviceBit server, DeviceBit shall solve the problem actively and seriously. Regarding the monitoring interruption, Customer shall not require, except for maintenance or exchange, any requirements, including without limitation, litigations, or economic compensations, etc.
4. DeviceBit shall not bear with any liability or compensation for any losses due to use of information displayed on DeviceBit and/or inaccurate or incomplete information displayed on any one of our IoT system, if no evidence can be provided to show willful act or gross negligence of DeviceBit.

VII. Service Interruption

1. Causes of service interruption
(a) DeviceBit shall inspect or maintain the all our IoT system or corresponding equipment regularly or irregularly, when service may interrupt during reasonable period. DeviceBit shall not take any responsibility under such circumstances, but shall inform Customer in advance as far as possible;
(b) Network service interruption due to Act of God or causes beyond control of DeviceBit;
(c) Inauthentic personal information provided by Customer;
(d) Violation of service regulations herein by Customer;
2. Effect of service interruption
(a) Customer will not be able to access or use any content of the monitoring system;
(b) During the interruption period, DeviceBit will keep all accounts and corresponding data of Customer.

VIII. Disputes and Applicable Laws

1. Disputes occurred during performance of this Agreement shall be solved upon friendly negotiation between both parties.
2. Where the dispute cannot be solved upon negotiation, please lodge a complaint to the local court where DeviceBit is located.