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Iammeter Cloud and App


Iammeter is a dedicated Energy Monitoring System developed by us, to which you can connect our Wi-Fi energy meter and then start to monitor the electricity usage for your household electricity system, or commercial electricity system, or industrial electricity system or solar PV system.

It can monitor the electricity usage in real-time so that it is widely used in industrial electricity system, commercial electricity system, household electricity system and solar PV system.


And we have related wireless energy monitor hardware device - WiFi energy meter to track your home energy usage or energy production and energy exported to grid in a solar system anytime. The abundant analysis reports make you understand better your electricity bill or the income of your solar system. You can monitor, analyze and save your energy consumption with this platform.

Key Feature

  • Real-time tracking the electricity usage for residential electricity system, or solar PV system
  • See real-time statistics, historical data and energy consumption analysis, such as voltage, current, energy, power, to grid etc.
  • Visualized real-time data, historical data and energy consumption analysis for easy understanding
  • Monitor energy exported to/imported from grid vs solar production for your solar PV system
  • Quickly connect our WiFi energy meter to the platform and start monitoring your power consuming by one-key setup
  • You can set the power tariff for different billing method, such as fixed rate, tiered rate and time of use rate
  • You can set the alert notification when the accumulated electricity consumption reaches a predefined value or out-of-range power
  • Comprehensive reports make you understand better your electricity bill or income of your solar system
  • Forecast of power consumption and electricity bill in a billing cycle
  • Android/IOS app available on Google Play or Apple Store

Key Function

Overview dashboard

Solar PV system

Solar PV System Overview

Residential electricity system

Quick view energy consumption and bill

View the energy consumption and your electricity bill on the same page for different places

3.1 Set the power tariff

You can set the power tariff for both the energy consumed from grid (Power Tariff) and the energy exported to grid (Feed in Tariff).


Billing and income report


Total saving report

Total Savings= Direct Self-use Energy + Exported Energy


Comprehensive Energy Comsumption Analysis

Iammeter system can generate Comprehensive Energy Consumption Analysis for users.

Power Consumption and Electricity Bill Forecast