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energy monitor in openHAB

1. Introduction

Platform openHAB ( is an open source home automation system. Our Wi-Fi energy meter (WEM3080/WEM3080T) can be integrated with openHAB system.

2. Highlight

Our Wi-Fi energy meter has some highlight features comparing to other similar product,

3. Integrate with openHAB

3.1 openHAB settings

Step 1, open PAPER UI(HABmin), then install "HTTP Binding" and "JsonPath Transformation".



Step 2, open the file openhabconf/services/http.cfg (create file if not exists), and add the below text into the the file.

iammeter.url={Authorization=Basic YWRtaW46YWRtaW4=}



Step 3, open the file openhab/conf/items/default.items (create file if not exists), and add the below text into the file,

Group     gIammeter				"Meters"				 <energy>        (Home)                    ["GroundFloor"]

Number  Iammeter_Voltage       "Voltage [%0f V]"    	<energy>     	 (gIammeter)				{ http="<[iammeter:4000:JSONPATH($.Data[0])]" }
Number  Iammeter_Current       "Current [%0f A]"   		<energy>    	 (gIammeter)        		{ http="<[iammeter:30000:JSONPATH($.Data[1])]" }
Number  Iammeter_Power         "Power [%0f W]"  		<energy>    	 (gIammeter)            	{ http="<[iammeter:4000:JSONPATH($.Data[2])]" }
Number  Iammeter_Importenergy  "Importenergy [%0f kWh]" <energy>    	 (gIammeter)           		{ http="<[iammeter:30000:JSONPATH($.Data[3])]" }
Number  Iammeter_Exportgrid    "Exportgrid [%0f kWh]"  	<energy>     	 (gIammeter)            	{ http="<[iammeter:30000:JSONPATH($.Data[4])]" }


Step 4, open the file openhab/conf/sitemaps/default.sitemap (create file if not exists),and add the below text into the file

    Frame {
        Text item=Iammeter_Voltage label="Voltage [%.1f V]" icon="energy"
        Text item=Iammeter_Current label="Current [%.1f A]" icon="energy"
        Text item=Iammeter_Power label="Power [%.1f W]" icon="energy"
        Text item=Iammeter_Importenergy label="Importenergy [%.1f kWh]" icon="energy"


3.2 View the data on openHAB

Step 1, open the Basic UI and you will see the data of the meter.


Step 2, you can also add the meter to habpanel.


4. Purchase the meter

Model Description Purchase Link
WEM3080 Single phase Wi-Fi energy meter Aliexpress
WEM3080T Three phase Wi-Fi energy meter Aliexpress

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