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Energy monitor(three phase energy meter Wi-Fi,single-phase energy meter Wi-Fi) in Home Assistant

premise:Which type of electrical meter best fits your needs?

Four methods that can be used to integrate the Wi-Fi energy meters into the Home assistant

This article will show you how to integrate the Wi-Fi energy meter (both single phase and 3 phase) into the home assistant, by the core integration. If you are more interested in other ways (Modbus/TCP, MQTT, or HACS), please refer to this article first.

Summary:how to use IAMMETER`s Wi-Fi energy meter in the Home assistant

1. Introduction

If you want to integrate the Wi-Fi energy meter (IAMMETER) into Home assistant, there are three options now.

No. Products Description
1 3 phase energy monitor WEM3080T : three phase wifi energy meter
2 wifi power meter WEM3080 : single phase wifi energy meter

Home Assistant ( is an open source home automation system.

IAMMETER WiFi energy meter can be integrated with Home Assistant system.

Introduction in Home Assistant

integrate energy meter in home assistant

2. Integrate the energy meter of IAMMETER into Home Assistant

Demo show

This is a simple demo of integrating the bi-directional Wi-Fi Energy meter to Home-Assistant system,

URL: username: iammeter password: iammeter

You can remotely switch ON/OFF the three lights and see how the power changes accordingly.

2.1 Install HA software

Install the latest version of Home Assistant (0.107.0.dev20200310 or later version)

install the home assistant

2.2 Configuration

To use the Iammeter sensors in your installation, add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: iammeter
    name: meter

configure energy meter of IAMMETER in Home assistant

Tips: You can find your meter and check its host IP address by double clicking its icon in the network of your PC which is connected to the same home Wi-Fi network Network

2.3 Find your meter in HA

Restart the server management and reconnect to it, then you will see the entity of the meter if the meter is already connected to the Internet.

Find your energy meter in Home assistant

select the sensor of Wifi energy monitor in Home Assistant

2.4 Sensors

Sensors available in the library:

  • Single Phase WiFi Energy Meter (WEM3080)
name Unit Description
wem3080_voltage V Voltage.
wem3080_current A current.
wem3080_power W active power.
wem3080_importenergy kWh Energy consumption from gird
wem3080_exportgrid kWh Energy export to grid
  • Three Phase WiFi Energy Meter (WEM3080T)
name Unit Description
wem3080t_voltage_a V A phase voltage
wem3080t_current_a A A phase current
wem3080t_power_a W A phase active power
wem3080t_importenergy_a kWh A phase import energy
wem3080t_exportgrid_a kWh A phase export energy
wem3080t_frequency_a kWh A phase frequency
wem3080t_pf_a kWh A phase power factor
wem3080t_voltage_b V B phase voltage
wem3080t_current_b A B phase current
wem3080t_power_b W B phase active power
wem3080t_importenergy_b kWh B phase import energy
wem3080t_exportgrid_b kWh B phase export energy
wem3080t_frequency_b kWh B phase frequency
wem3080t_pf_b kWh B phase power factor
wem3080t_voltage_c V C phase voltage
wem3080t_current_c A C phase current
wem3080t_power_c W C phase active power
wem3080t_importenergy_c kWh C phase import energy
wem3080t_exportgrid_c kWh C phase export energy
wem3080t_frequency_c kWh C phase frequency
wem3080t_pf_c kWh C phase power factor

2.5 Edit your lovelace

edit your lovelace to display the power and energy data

add a lovelace card of Home Assistant

Here you can add the card manually

select the card you want to display the energy data

Or you can copy and paste the following code

edit the card property

  - cards:
      - entity: sensor.meter_voltage
        max: 300
        min: 100
        name: voltage
        theme: default
        type: gauge
      - entity: sensor.meter_power
        max: 5000
        min: 0
        name: power
        theme: default
        type: gauge
    type: horizontal-stack
  - entities:
      - entity: sensor.meter_voltage
        name: voltage
      - entity: sensor.meter_power
        name: power
      - entity: sensor.meter_importenergy
        name: importenergy
      - entity: sensor.meter_exportgrid
        name: exportgrid
    type: glance
  - entities:
      - entity: sensor.meter_power
      - entity: sensor.meter_voltage
      - entity: sensor.meter_importenergy
    hours_to_show: 24
    refresh_interval: 0
    type: history-graph
type: vertical-stack

Save and then you will see the meter's data.

energy monitoring view in Home Assistant

2.6 Request the data of the energy meter by the modbus/tcp sensor in the home assistant(recommend)

Compared with the IAMMETER integration in the home assistant, you can also try to use the Modbus/TCP sensor in the home assistant to request the data of the IAMMETER`s energy meter.

The most advantage of the Modbus/TCP sensor in Home Assistant is it can request the data faster, up to 1s/s(sample/second). Because of the faster sample rate, it can be used as a real-time sensor feedback value in a control loop.

Video tutorial :How to request the data of the energy meter by the modbus tcp sensor in the home assistant

Blog: Do a realtime control loop in the home assistant,use the modbus sensor to control the sonoff output.

Blog: How to use IAMMETER`s energy meter in Home assistant

3 Solutions: Monitor Your Solar PV, Utilize the Solar Surplus

4. Open source project: Integrate the energy meter of IAMMETER into InfluxDB ,Grafana and Home Assistant

Monitor solar pv system by HomeAssistant,InfluxDB and Grafana

This is an open-source project.Tell you how to monitor your solar PV system by WiFi Energy meter, Home assistant, grafana, and inFluxDB.

monitor your solar pv system by home assistant,IAMMETER,grafana,influxDB

Subscribe topic from IAMMETER by Home Assistant

The Wi-Fi Energy meter of IAMMETER( WEM3080 and WEM3080T) had been an integration of Home Assistant.

IAMMETER Wi-Fi Energy meter in Home Assistant

Besides reading data from the local api of hardware ,you can also subscribe the topic from IAMMETER directly. This document will show how to integrate with Home assistant by subscribing topic from IAMMETER cloud .

Subscribe topic from IAMMETER by Home Assistant

5. Integrate IAMMETER energy meter to third-party platforms other than Home assistant

In addition to IAMMETER-cloud and Home Assistant, you can also configure IAMMETER products to upload data to other open source platforms or customers' own systems ,like below pic.

Integrate IAMMETER energy meter to third-party platforms other than Home assistant

How to Utilize IAMMETER's Product on a 3rd Party Server or Open Source Platform

The "hidden" features in the firmware of the Wi-Fi energy meter


OpenHAB ( is an open source home automation system. IAMMETER Wi-Fi energy meter can be integrated into openHAB system easily, energy meter in Openhab

How to integrate energy meter to Openhab


Nodered is a programming tool for wiring together hardware devices, APIs and online services in new and interesting ways.

How to add IAMMETER energy meter in nodered, step by step

Upload data to third-party mqtt server

The IAMMETER energy meter can also upload energy data to third-party server by MQTT.

Publish the data of energy meter to third-party mqtt server

Upload data to third-party TCP/TLS/http server

In addition to uploading via mqtt, the energy meter can also upload data to a third-party server via http post, tcp and tls.

Upload energy data to third-party server by HTTP, TLS,TCP


Both single-phase energy meter(WEM3080) and three-phase energy meter(3080T) support local api.

Get the data from energy meter by local API

Develop your own energy monitoring system with IAMMETE products

This is a summary article about how to integrate IAMMETER energy monitor into a third-party system.

How to upload the energy data of the IAMMETER energy meter to a third-party system other than IAMMETER-Cloud.

6. Video tutorial

Video : How to use IAMMETER Energy monitor in Home Assistant

7. IAMMETER products and system

This article is about how to integrate the energy meter of IAMMETER into Home Assistant. But the energy meter of IAMMETER does not only support third-party platforms such as Home Assistant but also has a powerful IAMMETER-cloud and app service, more information please refer to

Application introduction about the IAMMETER system and smart energy meter

Use the 3 phase energy meter the way you like

Monitor the solar pv system by 3 phase energy meter of IAMMETER

Monitor the energy consumption in IAMMETER

8. How to try the integration of HA before get the WiFi Energy meter

We provide an IAMMETER-simulater that will help the user to evaluate IAMMETER`s product before ordering it. It can simulate the solar PV output, loads profile, and an EV charger with a specific battery capacity. It also supports the same API as WEM3080T so that you can integrate it into the Home assistant with the same method as WEM3080T. After you confirm that this meets your requirements, you can purchase real hardware. The replacement (IAMMETER-Simulator->real energy meter)is also easy, only need to do the following two steps. 1 install the energy meter in your system. 2 replace the IP in the HA from the IAMMETER-simulator to your real hardware.