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Iammeter is a real-time energy monitoring platform that works well with our WiFi energy meter, which can make you understand better your electricity bill, or income if you have a solar system. The WiFi energy meter can also upload the data to the third-party server and other platforms.

The lastest update of our system and WiFi energy meter product are as below,

1. Integrate WiFi energy meter with HomeAssistant

HomeAssistant ( is a open source home automation system. Our single phase and three phase WiFi energy meter can be integrated with HomeAssistant system.

Tutorial link:

2. Tutoral video for how to apply a WiFi energy meter in a solar system

Release a tutoral video for how to apply a WiFi energy meter in a solar system. Tutorial video link:

3. Comprehensive analysis function on Iammeter

Tutorial link:

Tutorial link

Tutorial link:

Tutorial link:



If you have a WeChat account, please follow our IAMMETER WeChat public ID. iammeter.jpg


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