Latest update of Iammeter (2020-09-29)

Overview Webpage Revision

The overview webpage of solar PV system monitoring is revised and now displays more details.


Share your site V1.1

You can share your site(if you are willing to) on open map now, so other user can view your site data on this map. Learn more details

API of login and getting data

Open more APIs of iammeter cloud. Learn more detais

Total saving report of solar PV system

You can view the Total Saving Report (Total Savings= Direct Self-use Energy + Exported Energy) on time basis on Iammeter. Learn more details

Open Map is an open source platform aimed to monitor the entire energy and provide total saving report of solar PV system, that providing open API for you to upload the data. Now you can upload data to Iammeter cloud using api instead of using our WiFi energy meter, and then use the same cloud service of Iammeter. Learn more details


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