Local PV Plant Monitoring System

1. Introduction

We have released a local PV monitoring system in Dock . You can deploy it in your own server and design your own UI by the open API. You can also dock it with other IOT platfrom, such as Azure IOT, or forward the data to Iammeter cloud so you can also view the data there.

2. Key Features

2.1 Deployed in private server

You can deploy this docker in your private server and decide whether forward the data to iammeter cloud or not.

2.2 API server

You can design your own UI and develop your own App by the open API.

More details are coming soon.

2.3 Dock with other IOT platforms

You can dock it with other IOT platform, such as Azure IOT.

More details are coming soon.

3. Quick start

3.1 Pull the docker and run it

docker run -it --name iammeter -p 5050:5050 -e TZ=Australia/Brisbane iammeter/iammeter:1.0

Pull and run the docker, start the web service at port 5050.

Please note that the TZ=Australia/Brisbane in the command, which defines the time zone of the docker. You could replace the time zone with your own.


3.2 Log in the web server

Log in the web address with port 5050.

The temporary username: testuser

The temporary password: 123456

You can change them after you log in.


3.3 Setup place and add meter to it



3.4 Change energy meter setting

run mode : http

http address: your url:5050/api/v1/sensor/uploadsensor

Please note, there is no http before your url


3.5 Forward data to Iammeter(optional)

You can forward data to Iammeter, and then you can also see the data there.


4. Conclusion

Please note, this is only our first version. There may be some interesting and aggressive upgrading later. However, later upgrading may cause the local data lost in previous version.

we also have a open source solar PV monitoring project which is based on Python or Home Assistant Open Source Project.


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