1. Introduction

You can share the overview page (like power consumption, power generation of solar systm, energy statistics, etc.) on Iammeter system with someone else by sending them a link for them to click to access and view.

2. Share your site

Step1, login to Iammeter system, go to "My Place and then click "Share" on the site which you want to share.

Step2, copy the "Link Address",enter a password if needed,then click "share"

Step3, after shared your site, you will see a small icon appeared next to the shared site name.

Step4 send the link to anyone then they can view your site data by clicking the link.

3. Stop Sharing your site

If you want to stop sharing your site, go to "My place" and click "Share" again. Then you can click "Stop"


If you have a WeChat account, please follow our IAMMETER WeChat public ID.



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