1. Introduction

You can set the alert notification when the accumulated electricity consumption reach a predefined value. The alert can be automatcially sent to your specified email box.

2. Set Notice Group

Step1, Add contacts. Go to “Notice Groups” on the left navigation tree and then go to “contacts”, click “New Contact” button. Enter the contact information here.


Step2, Set the Notice Group. Go to “Notice Groups” on the left navigation tree and then go to “Notice Groups”, click “New Group” and select the contact person and email to receive the notification email.


3. Set Alarm Condition

To set the alarm condition, go to "Auto-Sending Settings" tab page.

Note: You can only set two Auto-sending lists.


Now, you can recieve the notification email if the accumlated electricity consumption in month reaches the perser value.

Note: According to our system setting, the email is sent within 6 hours and after email recieved you will not recieve the same email for same notification again in current month.



If you have a WeChat account, please follow our IAMMETER WeChat public ID.



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