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Subscribing the instant value of the Energy meter

Subscribing the real time power value of the Energy meter

This article is a summary, mainly for customers who want to do the second development.

It lists different methods that can subscribe the energy data from systems or WiFi energy meter .

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Subscribe the energy data

Subscribing the data from IAMMETER-cloud


IAMMETER-cloud can return the instant reading by an API. The user can create a token in the account and read the instant value(voltage, current,active power,forward kWh, and reverse kWh) by the API with this token.

For more details ,please refer to HTTP API of IAMMETER


IAMMETER-cloud also provide the MQTT broker for testing(not a standard service). So you can also subscribe the instant value from IAMMETER-cloud by MQTT.

How to subscribe MQTT topic from IAMMETER

new feature: Develop your own web monitoring view

Subscribe topic from IAMMETER by Home Assistant

Subscribing the data from IAMMETER-Docker

IAMMETER Docker is an simple version energy monitoring system, deployed by IAMMETER. Its key features are:

  • it can be deployed in customer`s own server (recommend to use Raspberry PI as your server).
  • Running as API server, you can design and develop your own UI by open API.


IAMMETER-docker provides MQTT broker inside. So you can subscribe the instant data by mqtt . Please refer to

For more introduction about IAMMETER-docker ,please refer to Introduction about IAMMETER-Docker

Subscribing the data from a MQTT broker

IAMMETER`s product supports MQTT protocol, it can be configured to publish data via MQTT. If you have an MQTT broker, you can configure the energy meter to publish data directly to it, then you would be able to subscribe the data from your own mqtt broker.

More details ,please refer to

subscribe the mqtt energy data from IAMMETER

Read the data directly from the energy meter

The above chapters show you how to integrate the energy meter into different systems and then subscribe the data. This chapter will show you how to read the data directly from the hardware directly. Both single-phase energy meter and three-phase energy meter support flexible data interfaces.

API: monitorjson/monitor


Method: http get

Introduction: monitorjson



Method: http get

Introduction: Monitor

API: "monitor"


Modbus TCP is common protocol that used in industrial system such as ICS, DCS, SCADA.

Both WEM3080T(3 phase energy meter ,Wi-Fi) and WEM3080 (single phase energy meter, Wi-Fi) have supported Modbus/TCP now.

In this mode, it supports data inquiry in 1s/s.This is the biggest advantage of this mode.

Modbus TCP Register map in the wifi energy meter

More details:

Support Modbus/TCP in the Wi-Fi energy meter of IAMMETER

Read the data from Home assistant and NodeRed

If you are familiar with some open-source platforms, such as home assistant, NodeRed. It will also be easy to integrate the WiFi Energy meter in them and then subscribe the data.

Home Assistant

Summary:how to use IAMMETER`s Wi-Fi energy meter in the Home assistant

Integrate with Home Assistant


Request the energy meter from mobus/tcp @ NodeRed

[Nodered ]Request the Wi-Fi energy meter by Modbus/tcp and control a relay


How do find the power meter with regard to your requirements

How to use the WiFi energy meter without the access of internet

The "hidden" features in the firmware of the Wi-Fi energy meter