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How to test IAMMETER`s function before you make the order

Use the free simulator to test IAMMETER before you make the order

IAMMETER`s energy meter is very flexible, it can be used in IAMMETER or many open-source platforms.

But if you can not decide whether this product meets your requirements, you can try this IAMMETER-simulator first. It is free and can help you to test nearly all of the features of WEM3080T,such as

  • Provide the same API as WEM3080T.
  • it can be integrated into Home Assistant and other open-source platforms by using the same method as WEM3080T.
  • Simulated different load,the load output can also be controlled by API.
  • Simulated a solar PV output or use the real solar pv output.
  • Simulate an EV charger attached to a specified battery capacity, which can be controlled by OCPP server.

![IAMMETER-simulator ]( .png)

Integrate the simulator into home assistant

Please refer to Read the data of the simulator from HA

Because the simulator provides the same API as WEM3080T, Home Assistant will consider the simulator as real hardware. After the testing by the simulator, if you want to use the real hardware, just need to replace the IP from the simulator to the real energy meter.


Monitor the solar PV in Home assistant


If you want to test the solar monitoring effect in the Home Assistant by this simulator,just need these steps

  1. Configure the solar pv output in the simulator
  2. simulated some loads in the simulator
  3. Go through this tutorial Monitor the solar pv in HA, and Read the data of the simulator from HA

Simulated an EV charger (OCPP)

IAMMETER-simulator can work as an OCPP client (EV charger) that connect to different OCPP server and is controlled remotely.

Control it(OCPP client) from Home Assistant

This is just a simple tutorial about how to control an OCPP client from the HA. No extra automation is implemented(Such as control the charging power based on the solar excess power).

Please refer to


Controlled it(OCPP client) automatically from IAMMETER

IAMMETER can control the EV charger from the OCPP and charge the EV from the solar excess.

If you do not have an EV charger , or you want to try this function before you start to connect your own OCPP EV charger to IAMMETER, the IAMMETER-simulator is a good option.

Simulated an EV charger and control it from the IAMMETER-cloud


Make an automation control in HA

This tutorial will show how to charge the EV with the solar excess power in the HA.

Coming soon....


How do find the power meter with regard to your requirements

Use the 3 phase energy meter the way you prefer

Four ways to integrate the Electricity Usage Monitor (IAMMETER) into the home assistant

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