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Add Data logger mode in IAMMETER-docker(from V2.1)

IAMMETER Docker is an open source energy monitoring system, deployed by IAMMETER.

From V2.1, IAMMETER-Docker provides a new dashboard that refreshes the data from the energy meter every 1 sec.

This function is very fit for the customer who wants to monitor the power reading that varies frequently. You can also set the threshold of the voltage, current, and power reading, the alarm will be triggered when the instant value (refreshed every second) is beyond the threshold.

This article introduces the new feature of IAMMETER-Docker(V2.1) , including the real-time monitoring and alarm.

Video: Real time monitoring in IAMMETER-docker V2.1

Real time monitoring

Extension->Data log&& alarm

click the data logger menu from IAMMETER-Docker

Add the power meter in the data logger mode

  • Click the ICON "+"
  • Input the IP of the power meter ,select the meter type(single phase / three phase)

Click the plus icon on the top-right corner and add a new power meter

Input the local IP and the meter type(3 phase or single phase) of the energy meter

The energy meter will appear on this page, then click the "View" icon.

The new energy meter will appear after

The dashboard of the real time monitoring

The dashboard of the real time monitoring , it will refresh the data(voltage, current ,active power, kWh) every 1 sec.

the dashboard of the real time monitoring


Set the alarm threshold

Operations->Alarm settings

set the alarm threshold for each phase

Input the threshold for each phase (voltage, current, power)

Alarm threshold setting for each phase

View the alarm logs on the dashboard

View historic alarms on the "alarm logs"

Alarm logs

Export the Alarm logs

The Alarm records can be exported by csv file.

Export the alarm logs


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