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Notice of holiday & New features that upgraded since 2022

Thanks for your continued support for IAMMETER, Happy Chinese new year.

Notice of holiday

The Chinese Spring Festival is around the corner. We will have a holiday from Jan 18th to Feb 1st. During the holiday, we still provide support by email(but will be not so timely, thanks for your understanding). Because we have the stocks in the warehouse abroad, the online purchase will not be affected. You can still place the order from our official store, Aliexpress store, or Amazon store. Please refer to

New features that upgraded since 2022

This is a short introduction to the features that upgraded since 2022.

Firmware upgrading

Upgrade to the latest Firmware version i.75.98.1(20221011)


Blog: how to find the power meter with regard to your requirements

The "hidden" features in the firmware of the Wi-Fi energy meter

IAMMETER`s simulator

How to understand the time interval parameter in the Wi-Fi energy meter

[Nodered ]Request the Wi-Fi energy meter by Modbus/tcp and control a relay

Troubleshooting: the so-called accuracy problem

Measure the single phase three wire system(120V/240V) in a cost effective way

Trigger the SonOff (tasmota firmware ) from IAMMETER

Use the 3 phase energy meter the way you prefer

Home assistant


Four methods(core integration, modbus/tcp,mqtt,HACS) that can integrate the Wi-Fi energy meter (@IAMMETER) into the Home assistant

Tutorials with respect to the beginner

1 Add single phase power meter(WEM3080) into home assistant(Just for beginner)

2 Add 3 phase power meter(WEM3080T) into home assistant(Just for beginner)

Universal tutorial

Tutorial: set the Tiered rate billing mode in the Home assistant

Tutorial : set the TOU(time of use) bill mode in the Home Assistant

App notes in HA

Monitor your solar PV system in the home assistant

Do a simple experiment in the home assistant

Subscribe topic from IAMMETER by Home Assistant


Use IAMMETER`s energy meter in Zabbix

zabbix effect for wem3080,single phase meter


comprehensive graph(voltage,current ,active poewr, power factor)

Add a display option in the power chart (Stack mode can be closed now)

New feature:Analyze the energy difference within the selected time interval from the power chart

"special load" display in the overview page

Report:load consumption analysis

switching the voltage display between line voltage and phase voltage display

a new billing report that supports the cycle more than one month

electricity tariff template collection(fixed rates ,time of use rates and tiered rates etc...)

Analyze the kilowatt-hours (kWh) in selected hours (Per day/month )

Demand charge report in IAMMETER

How to share your energy meter data with someone else.

how to support multiple power tariffs when you monitor your energy consumption in IAMMETER