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List the charging history and the solar percentage

New feature: list the charging status and history in IAMMETER

Charing your EV by solar excess + grid power

List the solar percentage in charging history

Chargers-> Charging history

list the charging history in IAMMETER

The charging process may be powered by the grid or the solar.

This table will show you the charging history and the percent of solar in each charging process.

list the charging history and charging percentage of the solar

The different solar percent are caused by the different threshold setting in charging process.

You can set the threshold (maximum grid power in the charging process) in IAMMETER. When the grid power is exceed than the threshold setting ,IAMMETER would stop the charging until the solar output is enough again.

If you set the threshold to zero, it means the charger would only use the solar to charge the EV. It would be the cheapest charging mode, but would take more charging time.

For how to understand the threshold, please refer to Charge the EV by the solar surplus

set the maximum grid power in charging process

List the hourly solar percentage in charging

Chargers-> Charging history->Statistics

list hourly solar percentage in charging

System introduction

EV charger is one of the best actuators in this solution because the charging power can be controlled nearly linearly. Based on the reading of the meter on the grid side, you can get the solar excess output, then you can control the charging power , as nearly to the solar excess power as possible.

why IAMMETER integrate EV-charger

integrate the EV-charger in IAMMETER to utilize the solar excess output more efficiently

Add the EV charger(ocpp) to IAMMETER

Add ocpp EV charger into IAMMETER

Create a charger ID


Charge the EV by the solar surplus

EV-charger integration in IAMMETER is around the corner

Support smart ev chargers, and use the excess solar PV output more efficiently

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