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Updates recently:special load analysis,Home assistant,IAMMETER-simulaotor

This article is about some updates of IAMMETER recently.

"Special load" in IAMMETER-cloud

IAMMETER introduces a "special load" concept that will help you to analyze the specific load, including power trend and periodic kWh consumption.

For example, when you use a 3phase energy meter to monitor the single-phase solar PV system (both grid and inverter are single-phase), there will be one phase left no need to use. Now, you can use it to monitor some special load that you are interested in,such as the heater pump or air conditioner etc...

Add "special load" in the overview page

Wiring_Diagram_ in_ Solar_ System


For more details ,please refer to

Add a report with regards to the "special load"

This report will be helpful if you want to analyze some special load consumption in your grid consumption.

More details ,please refer to Report:load consumption analysis

load consumption report

More display option

Add a display option in the power chart (Stack mode can be closed now)

The stack mode in the power chart can be closed now. Please refer to


The line voltage can be displayed instead of the phase voltage

You can select the voltage display(line voltage or phase voltage) on this page now.

show the line voltage

Home assistant

Four ways to integrate the energy meter into the Home assistant

There are four ways that can be used to integrate the WiFi energy meter into the home assistant, core integration, Modbus/TCP, HACS, and MQTT. This article will help you to introduce the advantage and disadvantages of each way.

Summary: how to use IAMMETER`s Wi-Fi energy meter in the Home assistant

Welcome to let us know your thoughts here

Provide the Modbus/TCP mode in the HACS



Universal tutorials

Some universal tutorials about setting the electrical billing template in the Home Assistant. It does not ask to use a specific brand of energy meter.

set the TOU(Time of Use) bill mode in the Home assistant

set the TOU(Time of Use) bill mode in the Home assistant

Video: set the electrical power tariff template in the home assistant


Simulator introduction

How to install the IAMMETER`s simulator

simulate a load profile and integrate the simulator in the Home assistant