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How do find the power meter with regard to your requirements

If you are looking for a Power Meter that meets your requirements, this article may help you. IAMMETER provide both single-phase and 3 phase power meter(Wi-Fi version).

Wi-Fi power meter

Various Models

There are different types of electrical systems.

No. Electrical system product remark
1 single-phase WEM3080
2 3phase 4 wire(called WYE or STAR connection) WEM3080T Also support split phase usage and net energy metering mode
3 Single-Phase 3-Wire,120/240V or 120/208V(or called two phase or Edison) WEM3080T The method that just need one single-phase meter
4 3phase 3wire system(delta connection) WEM3080TD

Open source Home automation

If you are an enthusiast and plan to select an energy meter for the open source home automation system you used(maybe home assistant,openHAB and NodeRed, etc..), IAMMETER is also a good choice.

Home assistant

IAMMETER supports many integration methods in the home assistant, such as core integration, Modbus/TCP, MQTT, and HACS.

Four methods to integrate the Wi-Fi energy meter into the Home Assistant

Monitor the solar PV system in home assistant


Integrate the energy meter of IAMMETER into NodeRED


Integrarte the energy meter of IAMMETER into openHAB

IAMMETER APP && Cloud service

If you want to find an energy meter with the full support of an APP and cloud service, you can also select IAMMETER (in fact, the IAMMETER-cloud service is one of the highlight feature of IAMMETER).

Log in the demo account

Visit the demo account of the IAMMETER cloud

Please note, it is a different effect when you click the above link by PC browser (web system) or mobile browser(app).

Track the energy consumption ,track the cost

Track the energy consumption ,track the cost

IAMMETER provides a powerful system (both web and app), to help you have insight into your energy consumption, and save the cost.

Report: electric Bill

Report: Energy kWh consumption

Report: Load consumption

Report: Abnormal analysis

Various electrical bill mode

IAMMETER supports various electrical billing templates,fixed-rate, time of use(TOU), tiered rate, advanced time of use rate, and TOU together with tiered rate.

More details, please refer to Set the power tariff template in IAMMETER

Advanced time of use electrical billing mode

Solar PV

Monitor the solar PV system is also one of the highest light features of IAMMTER.

Monitor your solar pv system in IAMMETER

solar yield energy, feed-in power, inverter power, import from grid energy ,export to grid energy, solar pv efficiency

The dashboard of the solar pv monitoring system

Reports: Bill,Income and Saving in Solar PV system



You can monitor the electricity usage of residential electricity system using our WiFi energy meter and IAMMETER system. IAMMETER system can generate the electricity bill on daily/monthly basis and also provide the comprehensive report for you to understand your electricity bill and energy consumption easily.

Monitor the electricity usage of residential electricity system

Monitor the electricity usage of residential electricity system


Energy management in the industrial area, such as a smart factory

If you have many places to be monitored and some of the places can be defined as tree structure (for example, place A can be set as a parent node with three child node, place A1, A2 and A3), you can define this kind of tree structure for all selected places on IAMMETER now, then you can get the comprehensive analysis and report based on this tree structure. So it is easy for you do the energy consumption monitoring or solar energy monitoring in a higher level for the whole structure of all places included.


Integrate into an on-premises solution

IAMMETE-cloud is a powerful energy monitoring system, especially for solar PV energy monitoring. But you may not want to use IAMMETER-cloud for some reasons. We have opened some APIs and provided some methods for you to develop your own energy monitoring system. For more details ,please refer to

Integrate into an on-premises solution

Besides this, you can also request the data from the energy meter every sec, by the Modbus/TCP.

Support Modbus/TCP in the Wi-Fi energy meter of IAMMETER


How to order IAMMETER`s product

Video tutorials about IAMMETER

The "hidden" features in the firmware of the Wi-Fi energy meter

Use the 3 phase energy meter the way you prefer