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New products and accessories(LCD monitor,4G router etc..)

New products and accessories

IAMMETER are planning to provide some low cost accessories soon, including LCD monitor, 4G router etc..

Welcome to let me know your thoughts here

Cost-effective Accessories

Separated LCD (2.8inchs) :displays the instant value of the energy meter

Price: around 30USD


  1. display the instant value of the energy meter (both 3phase and 1phase), including voltage, current, active power reading, imported kWh , exported kWh,power factor (only in WEM3080T) and frequency(only in WEM380T).
  2. If it is in the same WLAN as the energy meter, it would refresh the data more frequently(10 seconds).


4G router(4G/WiFi):bridge the energy meter to the internet

Price: around 50USD


  • Connecting to the internet by the 4G, compatible with nearly all 4G band around the world(Different countries needs different modules).
  • Providing a WLAN that can be connected by more than 10pcs energy meters at the same time.


WiFi smart socket

Price: around 30

We provide a smart socket(WSM-16/WSM-16P, tasmota inside) the can be integrated with IAMMETER directly.

There are six models now(CN,AU,EU,UK,US).


We are planning to provide some cost-effective suit soon. 1pcs WEM3080T+ 1pcs smart socket =176USD


3 phase energy meter(WEM3080T)+reactive parameters

The WEM3080TR is a new model of a 3phase energy meter, it includes all the function of WEM3080T and provide the reactive power (kvar) and reactive energy(kvarh) for each phase.

Q(Kvar): reactive power, positive value means inductive, negative value means capacitive

KVARh: reactive energy, each phase contains two KVARh, KVARh for inductive load and KVARh for capacitor load.

Welcome to let me know your thoughts here :


WEM3046T: 3phase energy meter with 5A CT input

3 phase energy meter with 5A CT input


  • Supporting larger current measurement,such as 2500:5, 2000:5 or 1500:5 etc.
  • Compared with the double CT solution,WEM3046T has better resolution and accuracy ,save more space.

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