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WEM3046T: New 3 phase energy meter,split phase,5A CT input, Modbus TCP/RTU

WEM3046T: New 3 phase energy meter launch on March 2023

A better option if you want to metering the current larger than 500 Amp.

It only supports the maximum 500 A CT in WEM3080T, if the users need metering larger current before, you usually recommend using the solution of Double CT.

But honestly speaking,it is a waste to use the 150 A CT as the secondary CT in the double CT solution. So we develop the WEM3046T as a substitution.

All parameters of WEM3046T are nearly the same as WEM3080T, but WEM3046T does not include the CT in the package. The user needs to connect three external CTs (current output,xxx:5A) to WEM3046T.

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High light feature

Users can select the CT (xxx:5A) rating by themselves, such as 500:5,800:5,1000:5,2000:5 etc....


Advantage && Disadvantage


  • Supporting larger current measurement,the current range depends on the CT you used.
  • Compared with the double CT solution,WEM3046T has more accuracy ,need less space.


  • The dimension of the CT (XXX:5A) is larger(Than the CT WEM3080T used).

  • Because the CT of WEM3046T is selected by the customers, it can not be calibrated together with the meter (like WEM3080T) before leaving the factory. So the total accuracy is strongly affected by the CT selected. Recommend selecting a reliable CT brand with accuracy as high as possible(class 0.5 or 0.1).

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Three Phase Energy Meter Wi-Fi,split phase,,net energy metering, Modbus TCP/RTU

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