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Add EV charger (via OCPP) to IAMMETER

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After controlling the charger via OCPP, the self-use rate of solar increases dramatically.

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For easy testing of the function regarded EV charger(via OCPP) in IAMMETER-cloud, we provide a simulated EV charger in IAMMETER-simulator.

This EV charger simulator will help you understand 1 How to connect the OCPP charger to the IAMMETER 2 How does IAMMETER charge the car by the solar excess 3 How to use the function that regards to charger in IAMMETER 4 The self-use rate difference when you use the solar excess to charge the car

**New features of IAMMETER-simulator: Simulate an EV charger(EV charger simulator) **


Install the latest version of IAMMETER-simulator

The IAMMETER-simulator can be installed from a docker IMG or run it directly .

More details ,please refer to

Run the IAMMETER-simulator

Connect the EV charger simulator in IAMMETER-cloud

Add an EV charger in IAMMETER

select a place for the charger

Set the automation policy for EV charger

After setting the automation policy, IAMMETER will control the charging process of the EV charger from OCPP. If you like, you can only use the solar surplus to charge the EV.

set the automation policy for the ev charger

Connect EV-charger simulator to IAMMETER-cloud



OCPP server: ws://

Charge Point Id: this is created by the IAMMETER system as below. If the charge ID is read-only in the OCPP charger, you can also use it directly here


Maximum charging power (W): the maximum charging power of this simulator

Total battery capacity (kWh): the maximum battery capacity of this simulator

Simulated the charging from the EV charger simulator

Start charging


View the charging process on IAMMETER

After a place is added a charger, there will be an extra "charge power" curve displayed on the power graph of the overview page.

EV charger power curve

View the charging history in this way.

charging history

You will find the hourly charging status, including the hourly charging kWh and solar percentage. Then you can check whether the result is the same as your automation policy setting.

For more details ,please refer to

view the historical record of EV charging

solar percentage in hourly charging status

Log in the Demo account of IAMMETER

Use a PC browser, visit

click the "Demo"


Click IAMMETER-simulator





EV-charger integration in IAMMETER is around the corner


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